About Us

  About Us...

Wow, where to begin!  My name is Penny, and I am the person behind Penny's Passion's : )

Through many hard knocks in life, I have come to this time of flight, and renewal of strength to soar!  I am hoping to help others along their journey as well.  Maybe they can learn from my mistakes and find some kind of strength or inspiration as I share, love and soar!

Just to be clear...I truly am still learning, growing and hope you will give me grace and patience to do so.  This store is truly a dream, and a way, to the Full Vision I saw (returning from seeing one of my daughters murderers for the first time).  It may take me years to fulfill...but I am ready to stay the course come hell or high water!

Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey, and blessings returned to you ten fold or more for your generosity!!!

Please allow me to serve you and make things right, if anything goes wrong.  I will be building towards better products and better service always!  Thank you for your patience and kindness to build towards helping others and this Vision of Love!


For Orders: 


All Other Questions or Concerns:

info@pennyspassions.com  Anytime : )

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 734,  Kuna, Idaho  83634

For a Real Person : ) or Message:

(208)  550-3831  Mon. - Fri. 10-6pm Mtn Time







The Sky is Not the Limit : )  


Be blessed, I will share more soon...

I am working on Social Media, More Manufacturers and anything I run across that will help get er done ; )

 Thank you for your patience!!!  Coming Soon....